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Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Sun Aug 12 22:27:10 CEST 2012

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> Documentation ------------- I have almost no experience with ReST.
> Can someone please support us with rendering the rst files to
> something more readable (html, pdf)?

I've pushed the documentation changes for review and also added
rendered versions - so if you want to try the new API, here's your
handbook: http://forge.typo3.org/issues/39738

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Am 8/12/12 4:45 AM, schrieb Steffen Müller:
> Hi.
> Some of you have already heard about a new Logging API being
> developed for 6.0
> For those who didn't: Logging in TYPO3 is complex and painfully
> chaotic. At T3DD11 a workshop has kickstarted the development of
> rewriting the Logging for TYPO3. After a year of great community
> work a new Logging API has finally been pushed to gerrit and is
> waiting for your reviews:
> http://review.typo3.org/13604
> Demo Extension --------------
> You can find a demo extension at: 
> http://forge.typo3.org/projects/extension-log_example
> Get it from git using:
> $ git clone git://git.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Extensions/log_example
> 1. Activate extension in Extension Manager 2. Add the "Log Example"
> plugin to a page 3. Open the page in your browser
> Unit Tests ----------
> We tried hard to provide as much UnitTests as possible. The gerrit
> changeset ships them in: tests/Unit/t3lib/log/
> Documentation -------------
> The documentation can be found as rst files in the branch 
> sandbox/xonx/logging of the CoreApi git repository: 
> http://git.typo3.org/Documentation/TYPO3/Reference/CoreApi.git?a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/sandbox/xonx/logging
>  $ git clone
> git://git.typo3.org/Documentation/TYPO3/Reference/CoreApi.git $ cd
> CoreApi/ $ git checkout sandbox/xonx/logging $ cd
> Documentation/Typo3ApiOverview/Logging
> I have almost no experience with ReST. Can someone please support
> us with rendering the rst files to something more readable (html,
> pdf)? Thx!
> Next steps ----------
> The Logging API is just the first step to move to a better Logging
> in TYPO3:
> * Once the Logging API is merged to master, we will start to
> replace as much old log calls as possible before feature freeze. *
> There's also a new log BE module in the pipeline. * Additional
> LogWriters and LogProcessors are planned to be released as 
> Extensions. One has already been started: 
> http://forge.typo3.org/projects/show/extension-log_writeremail * We
> have also planned to ship a backport of the Logging API as an 
> extension for 4.5 - 4.7 releases. * There are ideas to provide
> configuration sets for different contexts (debugging, production,
> performance, ...) * Writing a tutorial to explain the usage of
> Logging in depth. * ...
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