[TYPO3-core] JS libraries in the core

Helmut Hummel helmut.hummel at typo3.org
Fri Aug 10 10:58:36 CEST 2012


On 10.08.12 09:52, Marcus Schwemer wrote:

> I thought about this too this morning. :-)
> Is there a list where prototype / scriptaculous is used in the core?
> IMHO it makes sense to create an umbrella ticket to which all places,
> where the old libs are used, are added. So we can tackle them one by one.

That's a good idea. The most problematic part are all the trees (besides 
the pagetree) that all use prototype.

I don't see a chance to change that before feature freeze unfortunately.

So the options we have:

1. Remove jQuery completely, revert all the changes that already make 
use of it and drop the new extension manager, which needs jQuery, too

2. Win the competition of the CMS with the highest JS-Library count ;)
and remove the usage of prototype and scriptaculous step by step (in the 
following TYPO3 releases). Removing the libraries completely would also 
have an impact of third party modules, so we would vote for a 
deprecation strategy here.

3. Leave the jQuery library there, along with the API, but do not make 
use of it, thus revert all usage of jQuery we have so far. Optionally 
make an exception for the new EM, as it is encapsulated in it's own 
frame and only load jQuery in this frame.

All options are not nice, but like for every release and especially for 
6.0 we need to make compromises. We achieved a lot, in some places more 
than we expected. But in some areas we did not reach our self set goals.

Depending on whether the jQuery API is stable enough (including an API 
which is still lacking to handle jQuery components and plugins) we need 
to decide which option to choose. However in any case I would *not* drop 
the new EM even if it requires jQuery. It adds too much value for this 
release. So I would accept even a "hacky" jQuery integration just to 
make the new EM work.

Kind regards,

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