[TYPO3-core] Migrating the system extension manuals to ReStructured Text

Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Mon Aug 6 10:12:38 CEST 2012

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I think we should finalize the URLs and then use nginx to proxy let's
say /documentation/read/ to the external server.

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Am 8/6/12 9:50 AM, schrieb Tolleiv Nietsch:
> Hi,
> sorry to come back on this so late. It's nice that you finally
> transform the stuff to rst - but once you do this, this means that
> we won't be able to see anything on typo3.org for now because (as
> you know) the integration between your documentation server and
> typo3.org isn't ready at all (from my perspective). And I doubt
> that this will be done until 6.0.
> Cheers, Tolleiv
> François Suter schrieb:
>> Hi all,
>> I have discussed with the TYPO3 6.0 RM team about migrating all
>> system extension manuals to ReST. This would entail the
>> following:
>> - migrating the manuals themselves - changing the EM to have
>> links pointing to the rendered docs online - provide a fallback
>> when someone has no internet connection to view the raw ReST
>> files in the TYPO3 BE
>> The changes would apply to the new-new EM. I wanted to post this
>> here so that you could ask questions and express worries.
>> On the Doc Team side we are confident that we will be ready with
>> a full rendering chain - including for system extension manuals -
>> by the time 6.0 is released.
>> It would be good if the new-new EM provided hooks for things such
>> as extra documentation links and such. I'm thinking that the
>> Documentation Team could provide extensions related to
>> documentation that enable things like linking to other formats
>> (PDF, for example) and downloading such resources for offline
>> viewing. But as we have no PDF rendering yet (only experimental)
>> we can't implement such a feature now. Thus it would be good to
>> have possibilities for extensions.
>> Cheers
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