[TYPO3-core] Breaking changes included in 4.5 leading to regressions

Stefan Galinski stefan.galinski at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 13:37:43 CEST 2012

Oliver Hader wrote:

> Hi Helmut,
> Am 19.04.12 10:04, schrieb Helmut Hummel:
>> Hi fellows,
>> I know of at least three[1] changes that went into 4.5.x which are/ were
>> breaking changes. Besides that both lead to regressions in the following
>> bugfix releases.
>> While we probably never can 100% sure to avoid regressions, we should
>> certaintly be more careful when merging bugfixes in released versions.
>> And of course we should stick to our own rules e.g. to not introdce DB
>> changes in bugfix releases, or allowing additional SQL queries to fix a
>> bug.
>> Besides that, we should set up a rule that at least fixes for regression
>> bugs *must* provide unit tests (if at all feasable), to try to avoid
>> regressions from fixing regressions.
> Fully agree on that. The pagetree issue seemed to be obvious but changed
> database fields and the way things are stored. That's fine for new
> versions - but especially not for the LTS version.


This change was initially implemented for 4.5, but unfortunatly forgotten to 
be integrated. Also clearing of the uc configuration and the db update is 
optional. The field change from text to mediumtext was done to increase the 
possible space for the user configuration, because this caused bugs for huge 
trees. So we could have "backported" the bugfix without this change, but it 
would be simply senseless. The main issue in the end was the missing 
followup-bugfix that was integrated in 4.6, but that we missed in 4.5, 
because the issues were not related and we didn't found that issue while 
testing. I hope this clarifies the situation a little bit.

Stefan Galinski

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