[TYPO3-core] Backend User Administration (extbase)

Felix Kopp felix-source at phorax.com
Mon Apr 9 15:49:46 CEST 2012

On 09.04.12 14:28, Oliver Hader wrote:
> Hey Felix,
> Am 02.04.12 22:09, schrieb Felix Kopp:
>> Please support this project:
>> http://forge.typo3.org/projects/extension-backend_users/
>> (Sources on https://github.com/7elix/backend_users)
>> Interested?
> Sound interesting. There was a GSoC project last year on this topic -
> Benni Mack was mentor any hopefully also could give some hints on the
> backend user management.
> Besides that, I'd like to know what the scope of your project is and the
> accordant milestones to be done - if it's not only a rewrite to use
> Extbase/Fluid, but also aims to enhance behaviour.
> Thanks in advance for your feedback!
> Cheers,
> Olly

Moin Olly & everyone,

my main focus arose while working on unifying the backend modules from 
an optical and usability perspective (tables/sections/headlines, 
buttons, functionality). The code of EXT:beuser is very hard to maintain 
and tune. Working with the code for me has not been an option so I 
started the complete rewrite.

To reach the current functionality without over achievement starting 
with nothing only

- a slim domain model
- backend module to list/compare users
- switch user (session/permanently)
- backend module to list online sessions

are needed.
Currently the early release only misses the compare tool.
With that tool the current TYPO3 core scope is recovered.
And this should be the very first v1 release of backend_users.

But I personally do not believe that current pibased beusers compare 
methods are sufficient for everyday administration. From chats with 
admins and from my personal and company experiences I know that compare 
is mostly done beside the beuser backend module. Because of that often 
privileges are missing for editorial work and settings up rights is very 
time consuming.

I would love to send out v1 with an usability improvement in comparison 
to current core (let's see if my personal goal is realistic).
To analyze this improvement I reached out to the list.

Outlook might be:

- "drill down" grouped view as compare (v1.1, high prio for me)
	> sorting per column (ExtJs table?)
	> pagination with limit selector
	> group filter for user list (as tree? -tree api?)
	> search for user data

- backend group management (tree?) -patrick hopefully has good ideas
	> (how to get from a backend user list to access lists?)

- single user administation
	> password generator
	> user invitation (email/template) -> send welcome note
	> create multiple users for a group (list/import/api?)
	> display activity per user (link to sys_log/sys_history)
		"activity timeline"
	> workspace integration/dependencies?
	> icon/logo/avatar per user: make more personal/even social


- EXT: setup - integrate username in toolbar to user settings/administration

- password forgot during login (one time password)

To sum it up: There are lots of things that have to be done 
(maintainability of code/metrics/usability) and I would like to collect 
ideas and use cases aaaaaand most importantly support/supporters for 
this project. Together a roadmap can be collected.

I guess I will have to bring the v1 to Gerrit over/after the developer 
days. That way there is a solid base for the future. What do you think?

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