[TYPO3-core] [TYPO3-v4] Public TYPO3 v4 Status Meeting

Steffen Ritter info at rs-websystems.de
Tue Sep 6 08:42:20 CEST 2011

Hey everybody,

it's time for our weekly v4 status meeting. These meetings will
always shift by one day. Besides that we decided to have different times 
to start with the meeting - we hope that this will allow more people to 
join - not every week but at least every second or third, maybe...

The meeting will start today at 4pm CEST:
*Tuesday, September 6th 2011, 4pm CEST*

If you have something to tell or would like to see something discussed
in the meeting, please add it to the agenda for tomorrow on the
iEtherpad here:

If the date/time thingy is too confusion, you can use our TYPO3 Calendar
on Google for it of course:

Use this link to join the meeting on BigBlueButton:

As Olly has no time today, I'm gonna create the BBB Session and host our 

See ya then!


Steffen Ritter

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