[TYPO3-core] Critical issue with 4.6 RC1 (and below) on Windows

Žiga Dolhar ziga at dolhar.si
Thu Oct 13 15:49:30 CEST 2011

Hi Björn,

I attempted a fresh installation of typo3 4.6rc1, encountering the 
mentioned issue.

After having replaced t3lib/class.t3lib_div.php with a file from 
https://review.typo3.org/cat/4537%2C3%2Ct3lib/class.t3lib_div.php%5E0, I 
was able to perform installation.

Then I tried to log in on the backend. Both admin:password (default acc) 
and test:test (new admin user I created in installation tool) were 
unable to log in, receiving the "Your login attempt did not succeed \ 
Make sure to spell your username and password correctly, including 
upper/lowercase characters." :-(

On 13.10.2011 14:31, Björn Pedersen wrote:

> Could you test, if
> https://review.typo3.org/#change,4537
> works and vote for this change then?
> Björn

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