[TYPO3-core] Redirect to Shortcut target feature in 4.6 break news feed link

Visay Keo typo3 at visay.info
Tue Oct 4 10:01:26 CEST 2011


>> The old situation was that the same content was shown at the URL of the
>> target page and at the URL of the shortcut page. Duplicate content is
>> bad for SEO; many search engines will punish the ranking for a site
>> which has duplicate content.

Make sense.

> as the search engines know about CMSs and scripts in 2009 the canonical
> tag was invented, which provides a better way to give the search engines
> one unique URL [¹]

How will this work in the case of introduction package? I'm sorry I 
don't speak German yet, so if you can give example for introduction 
package, it's a great help.

>>> - What would be the solution to fix my problem?
>> Swap the two pages?
>> Home
>> [-] -- subpage A (Shortcut to Home)
>>       +- subpage B
>>       +- subpage C
> this needs a more complex configuration in TypoScript:
> usually the homepage has some special layout/content which needs some
> special TypoScript
> having:
> start
>   +- home (redirect to start)
>   +- page2
>   +- page3
>   :
> you need a condition on the Id of start to get the special TS, otherwise
> all the special TS gets inherited to the other pages
> as in
> start (redirect to home)
>   +- home
>   +- page2
>   +- page3
>   :
> you have your global TS anchored in start with an extension-template in
> home to modify the TS

That's the problem I'm facing if swapping the 2 pages.


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