[TYPO3-core] Incubator troubles

Jigal van Hemert jigal at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 30 06:52:37 CET 2011


On 29-11-2011 17:46, Peter Niederlag wrote:
>>> Tip: start over with a clean local branch.
>> You're kidding, right? ;-) Git the ultimate change management tool
>> requires me to throw away my edits and start all over?
> Did I say throw away? I said start over and keep everything in
> "keepmeuntilmyproblemsareresolved". ;)

I think you can read back what you exactly said ;-)

>>> git checkout -b project-graphicslibrary origin/project-graphicslibrary
>> Well, this ^^ is how it started.
>> - create new directory outside the core repository
>> - clone incubator
> now you are on master branch
>> - checkout project graphicslibrary
> How did you checkout?

Right-click in directory Incubator (which was just cloned), TortoiseGit 
 > Switch/Checkout... Select 'remotes/origin/project-graphicslibrary', 
Option "Create New Branch": 'project-graphicslibary', Option "Track".

This worked fine on all Core branches so far

> It seems like somehow you just git a bunch of commits in there that you
> might not want. On the other hand, maybe you even want them. That I just
> can't tell....

Me neither. It would be nice if this incubator branch would be in synch 
with master, but it isn't vital I think. As long as we can at some point 
in the future extract "my changes" from the rest it's okay.

> Try to analyze the situation and see what the history is, to which
> branches it belongs. Once you find out what you need it is pretty
> straight forward to get in back in shape.

In the log I can find my first commit:

Revision: 5a8d64d3798594c602f9f957eeed489687bd6d0c
Date: 14-8-2011 13:53:35
[BUGFIX] Failing unit test in tslib_adminPanelTest

Revision: 1187533f275763f5a5f5664bf18e0be5a5602bec
Date: 12-8-2011 12:30:19
[BUGFIX] Unit tests for tslib_content query arguments fail

Revision: f861ac6e8a35c7783b39d469116a7afe884cdb0c
Date: 6-8-2011 11:01:04
[BUGFIX] Old EM: t3lib_DB::exec_INSERTquery errors

** Revision: f200a1b5b8daed8b5e6f62826337e1f19aec18e0
** Date: 27-11-2011 12:29:49
** [FEATURE] Initialize graphics handlers
New interface for graphics analyzers
Added : 

Revision: 994b01156761a798d321c45996e074bb8c8d41ee
Date: 9-8-2011 0:38:09
[BUGFIX] Recycler: fix wrong placed bracked on calls to 

Revision: 62ad7332b142751d97505da409729ae6eb8395f3
Date: 8-8-2011 5:58:55
[BUGFIX] RTE Spellchecker dialogue fails to open in IE

On top of it are the 322 or so commits and the latest is the commit 
which couldn't be pushed:

Revision: e42516e7d04c455849b9e050c9be04aa2edc341f
Author: Jigal van Hemert
Date: 27-11-2011 16:43:09
Add basic analyzer classes and configuration

Revision: 42eec247707f1fc0f465b99e9f0252d9e5c95a9c
Date: 26-10-2011 3:23:13
[BUGFIX] Core calls deprecated ADMCMD_preview()

Revision: 23a4ae4372f3cebf022624e732a06fc0bf9a9f54
Date: 10-11-2011 17:19:35
[BUGFIX][!!!] Slider wizard misuses "max" property

> It is hard to do it with the "Glaskugel" though. ;)

I know! I appreciate your attempts. It's always possible to archive the 
whole local repository and send it by one of the 
big-file-transfer-services if necessary...

> P.S.: I find 'gitk --all' pretty usefull in these cases but dont know
> the win equivalent.

 From a google image search I think that TortoiseGit "Show Log" is the 
The diff is shown by double-clicking on a file in the third block (below 
"Path"). The "Graph" column shows the branching and merging; in this 
screenshot there was just a sequence of commits.
It also shows the actions you can perform on each commit, so maybe this 
helps your Glaskugel a bit? :-)

Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Jigal van Hemert.

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