[TYPO3-core] Incubator troubles

Peter Niederlag typo3-list at niekom.de
Tue Nov 29 17:46:42 CET 2011


Am 29.11.2011 09:21, schrieb Jigal van Hemert:
> Hi Peter,
>> Tip: start over with a clean local branch.
> You're kidding, right? ;-) Git the ultimate change management tool
> requires me to throw away my edits and start all over?

Did I say throw away? I said start over and keep everything in
"keepmeuntilmyproblemsareresolved". ;)

>> git checkout -b project-graphicslibrary origin/project-graphicslibrary
> Well, this ^^ is how it started.
> - create new directory outside the core repository
> - clone incubator

now you are on master branch

> - checkout project graphicslibrary

How did you checkout?

> - switch to that branch
> - pull
> - update submodules
> - add a few files
> - commit
> - push

Where did this go?
Everything showed up as desired?

> - pull
> - update submodules
> - add a few more files and modify one file
> - commit
> - push -> problem
> Really, nothing more!
> I'm not convinced that doing the same again will produce different results.

It seems like somehow you just git a bunch of commits in there that you
might not want. On the other hand, maybe you even want them. That I just
can't tell....

Try to analyze the situation and see what the history is, to which
branches it belongs. Once you find out what you need it is pretty
straight forward to get in back in shape.

It is hard to do it with the "Glaskugel" though. ;)

Greets and hth,

P.S.: I find 'gitk --all' pretty usefull in these cases but dont know
the win equivalent.
Peter Niederlag
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