[TYPO3-core] Backend live search: your opinion about a bug please

Oliver Hader oliver.hader at typo3.org
Sun Nov 13 20:15:11 CET 2011

Hey François,

Am 11.11.11 11:14, schrieb François Suter:
> But that's where I have a question. With
> http://forge.typo3.org/issues/26829 Dmitry introduced improvement to the
> BE search by limiting which fields were searched for (with new TCA
> properties). Looking at the patch that was eventually applied, it
> appears that these changes were applied only to the BE search and *not*
> to the live search. I think that this is wrong and would like to propose
> a patch which also takes into account the "searchFields" TCA property
> for the live search  (on top of loading the full TCA, which BTW can then
> be loaded only for tables which have a "searchFields" directive).
> Does that make sense or did I miss something?

In my opinion that totally makes sense. It would be great to have a
common "behaviour" in both search variants.

Oliver Hader
TYPO3 v4 Core Team Leader

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