[TYPO3-core] TYPO3 package naming

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Fri May 27 10:08:03 CEST 2011

Dmitry Dulepov schrieb am 26.05.2011 17:03:

> netz-haut - stephan seitz wrote:
>> I'd really like to know, which genius came up with the idea of
>> renaming of dummy-$VERSION packages (and contained base-directory) to
>> blankpackage-$VERSION
>> Maybe there *could* be a reason for this in new versions like 4.6.x,
>> but for existing versions this is needless and useless. Moreover,
>> everyone who does some installation automation will have to change a
>> very simple rule to some weird database driven model, just to get the
>> correct spelling of packages dependend on the respective revision.
>> Sorry, but I consider this the most useless and annoying change I've
>> seen the last decade.
> I would prefer if it stayed "dummy" as it always was. The change because
> of the change is never good.
> Does anybody know the reason why this was changed?

It was not in my hand, but I agree with the change and here is my
personal explanation:

The blankpackage is not the same as the old "dummy" package, but instead
its like the old "dummy+typo3_src" package. It is build in an analogous
way as the "introduction-package", just that it contains a "blank TYPO3
implementation" (only the core and the needed directory structure).

So while "introduction-package" has a nice and understandeable name,
easy to explain, "dummy+typo3_src" on the other hand means little to a
new user. It sounds a bit like "this is the package for dummy users".
The new name "blank" in one word explains what it contains (a "blank
site" which can be used to build upon).

I think the reasons for the change outstands the reasons not to. After
all they are just "packages" provided by the release team, anyone can
create "dummy" or "skeleton" packages if they need them. The old "dummy
package" wasn't really release dependent, as it's structure has been the
same for years now. You can take the dummy from 4.3 and still use it as
a groundwork for 4.5, just change the symlinks.


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