[TYPO3-core] TYPO3 package naming

netz-haut - stephan seitz s.seitz at netz-haut.de
Wed May 25 11:57:16 CEST 2011


sorry for the harsh words, but I already tried to make the point clear.
The change does not necessarily disturb anyone who does installation
by hand, but for automation a very simple typo3_src-$VERSION plus
dummy-$VERSION rule doesn’t work anymore.
If this is done in a new version (like 4.6) this can clearly be catched,
but changing names inside revisions could only be catched by a very weak
rule (>=4.5.3 || >=4.4.8) which are inherently predictive, as - if
the names change without any need - no one can tell if this happens
again. In conclusion, someone who want's automated d/l and installation
is somehow stuck with a database for each single pair of src und dummy.
However, this name change neither fixes any bug nor makes the
code better in any way, it's just a cosmetical issue.
I'm sure to be not the only person who doesn't expect cosmetical changes
inside a revision change.
Well, I can't say I'm very involved inside the TYPO3 development, so it's
your project, not mine and you're free to blame me cause from your POV
it can be seen as my personal fault not to predict changes with sideeffects.

Cheers Stephan

> Hello,
> and this is the really most rude mail on this list for the last decade.
> :-< Please don't expect any valuable feedback until you try to make
> your
> points into a friendly email. I give ten points into keeping everything
> as is just to invalidate this email.
> Sincere Greets,
> Peter
> P.S.: true engagement by bugreporting, ..., providing patches ist
> always
> greatly welcomed
> Am 25.05.2011 10:27, schrieb netz-haut - stephan seitz:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I'd really like to know, which genius came up with the idea of
> > renaming of dummy-$VERSION packages (and contained base-directory) to
> > blankpackage-$VERSION
> >
> > Maybe there *could* be a reason for this in new versions like 4.6.x,
> > but for existing versions this is needless and useless. Moreover,
> > everyone who does some installation automation will have to change a
> > very simple rule to some weird database driven model, just to get the
> > correct spelling of packages dependend on the respective revision.
> >
> > Sorry, but I consider this the most useless and annoying change I've
> > seen the last decade.

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