[TYPO3-core] SVN read access to master via github.com possible

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Wed May 25 09:44:09 CEST 2011


there were several reasons for this choice. None of the options we had
(submodules or subtree merges) is 100% optimal to meet all target
audiences' desires (developers, release managers, testers, users ...)
but this seemed to be the most consistent one.

Our packaging system now has methods to very easily generate snapshots
of our current source base, so in future we will be able to provide
"daily snapshots" out of our core tree.

Updating from "git" allows you to fetch the submodules together with the
core, you simply have to call git submodule update after the git pull.


Markus Klein schrieb am 25.05.2011 09:27:

> I just replied to a bug report, where somebody downloaded a snapshot from git.typo3.org, which also does not include the submodules.
> This is really inconvenient.
> Is there a reason why this inclusion was done with submodules and not with subtrees?
> Kind regards
> Markus
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>> Hi Stan,
>>> Updating these submodules also fails even on a freshly cloned Core.Git
>>> repository, using Windows command line and/or TortoiseGit.
>> Did you "init" them before?
>> Best,
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