[TYPO3-core] T3DD11 Request for comments: REST Webservices for V4

Helmut Hummel helmut.hummel at typo3.org
Fri May 6 21:17:07 CEST 2011

Hi Olivier,

thanks for raising this topic again.

On 06.05.11 14:45, Olivier Dobberkau wrote:

> I wanted to follow up on the first meetup that we had on t3dd10 and i am
> looking for those interessted in getting the project on the street.

Xavier already asked some people via PM some time ago. Thomas Hempel and 
Thomas Maroschik at that time also showed their interest.

> Here are my requests for comments:
> * Are you interessted in a workshop about the REST API for TYPO3

Yes, but only if it really goes into the conceptual stuff (see below).

> * Who could be the project lead?

I have too many things to do. So, as I already pointed out, I cannot do 

> * How and when can we start the project?
> * Do we need to apply for initial funding at the TYPO3 Association?
> * Or should we collect money from sponsors offering them early access?

I have no opinion on this.

> * How much is the iniatial work?

In that mail exchange, Thomas M. pretty much summed it up:

=== Quote ===
* Control access to resources/procedures
* Identify resources uniquely
* Route the request to the corresponding resource/procedure (maybe even 
do this before TSFE kicks in)
* Un-/Serialize the transport data in some exchangeable format
* Generate a schema for the data to be transported (Some kind of auto 
* Generate a WSDL and describe all accessible endpoints automatically

I added:
* Use/ create a robust and flexible exchange format for the resources

Karsten throwed in some rescources on that specific topic (have not 
looked into it yet):

Working on this would be a great thing for a workshop on th T3DD11.

> * What kind of roapmap can we think of?

I my opinion, step one would be to have/ create that exchange format, 
that can represent every rescource (TCA table) in TYPO3 adequatly.

> * Which level of complexity should we have on version 1?

Well, at least CRUD actions on TCA tables should be possible.

Kind regards,

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