[TYPO3-core] Reviews

Jigal van Hemert jigal at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 15 10:49:45 CET 2011


On 15-3-2011 9:47, Steffen Kamper wrote:
> the reason i ask is that i don't see much testing. Ok, it's more silent,
> i'm not surprosed, but, there is nearly no testing. That makes me think
> that most have difficulties to apply a given patchset for testing.

Another thing: there are no (or hardly any) "how to test" instructions 
in change requests any more. Remember the difference between RFCs with 
and without these instructions in the core list? :-)

> git pull
> git checkout master
> git fetch git://git.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Core refs/changes/70/1170/1 && git
>   checkout FETCH_HEAD
> git checkout -b rfc/master/17935

Notice the difference with previous SVN testing?

I personally manage to test patches and creating new ones quite well 
with TortoiseGit (still struggling a bit with cherry-picking, rebasing 
and other things, but I'm sure Peter will come to the rescue in the near 

Besides testing patches I'm also trying to device a wrapper around Zeta 
Components graphics routines which we can use in v4 and v5. This takes 
quite some time. And then there is other non-TYPO3 stuff which takes 
time at the moment.

Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Jigal van Hemert.

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