[TYPO3-core] RFC: #16738: Add ExtDirect Stateprovider for ExtJs States

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Wed Mar 9 00:34:10 CET 2011

Hi Christian,

thanks for the reminder. My time is a little short atm, but after finish 
the git doku (just did the tortoise tutorial and had to report several 
bugs to jetbrains) i will start a wiki pahe for the state provider.

It doesn't describe how to use state in ExtJS, that's mostly documented 
in the ExtJS API, and i have to admit that it works sometimes, sometimes 
not, you have to make a lot of things by your iwn)

The ExtDirect Stateprovider is handy and easy to use, not much to say 
about but init / read initial states. It simply extends the ExtJS 
stateprovider which is documented here:

vg Steffen

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