[TYPO3-core] [GIT] Best practice with daily tasks

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Fri Mar 4 11:42:58 CET 2011

Jigal van Hemert schrieb am 04.03.2011 11:01:
> Hi,
> On 3-3-2011 22:10, Steffen Kamper wrote:
>> =========================================================================
>> Always commit your fixes to the oldest supported branch that require
>> them. Then (periodically) merge the integration branches upwards into
>> each other.
> Unfortunately this goes not well with the workflow of applying to
> development branch and then letting the RM of older branches decide
> whether it should go in that branch too.

All bug fixes should go on older branches, if they apply, no need to
consult the RM for that. Edge cases might be performance issues or
issues that introduce new settings etc.

So it could work out to have the patcher create the review request for
the oldest possible (still supported) branch and then merge it into
future releases.

But I guess it will become more easy to get code reviews for the master
branch, as this is what all of us are usually developing with.

Noting in the review message (first self-review message for example)
that this also applies to 4.5, 4.4, etc might help. Or maybe use the bug
tracker to have this kind of information.

> Most changes will be pushed for master branch anyway. How are we going
> to change those?

Most bugfixes for 4.5 + master will have different patches for 4.4 and
lower anyway, because lots of stuff was refactored and is now on
different files, etc.

So two separate review processes are required, but at least the code
review only needs to be done on one of them. The others branches only
require a verification (by testing).


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