[TYPO3-core] Cachingframework implementation for lang sysext

Dominique Feyer dominique.feyer at reelpeek.net
Wed Jun 29 09:44:57 CEST 2011


The upcoming 4.6 will have a refreshed lang system extension with
support for XLIFF format.

Haas the caching framework is now the default cache in 4.6, we plan to
use it and we have a proposed change in gerrit for that:

Here Christian Kuhn review message:

> My main concern is that the current solution does a file mtime check
> on every used locallang file to build the cache identifier. I'll have
> to analyze this further and we maybe might even raise a discussion a
> about that in one of the lists. Please keep this patch on hold until
> things cleared in this regard.

We need a check if the file (LLXML, XLIFF, ...) has been updated. But I
agree with this message, because each file can be check multiple time
(different iframe in the backend, asynchronous call, multiple call of
t3lib_div::readLLFile, extension update via em, manual customization of
the file during dev, ...), so it's a performance problem but a needed

Do you have any idea on how we can improve this feature ?

Patch review are also welcome,


Dominique Feyer

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