[TYPO3-core] Meeting/Discussion: Git-Gerrit-Forge-Jenkins workflow and interaction

Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Fri Jun 17 18:52:01 CEST 2011

Hi Karsten,

> * Git setup // repo
> It cannot have any "content" in the top-level directory, thus it was a no-go for us. Also, there is work being finalized currently, to enable atomic commits across submodules in Gerrit.
 > No fast acting on introducing another tool, please.
If there would be a tool, which would ease the process, I would go for 
it. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist, yet.

> * Git setup // screen cast
> Really? I mean, there are tons of screencasts on Git and/or Gerrit in the internet. Just sayin'.
Nobody raised his hand, to produce such a screencast. So it's only an 
idea. It would at least show that you can hand in a patch in ~5min and 
(probably) convince a hand full of people that it's not rocket-science.

> * Git setup // Descriptions for git repositories
> In theory, if I understand the documentation right, the project description given in Gerrit is synchronized to the file gutweb uses for display. So, if we synched the (first line of) the project description from Forge, we should be set.
Yes, basically that's what Peter tries to do - automatically get infos 
from Forge.

> * Gerrit - Forge interaction // update hook script
> The protocol says "Currently there is already a trigger that listens to a new changeset pushed to Gerrit to change the accordant forge issue to "under review" - however that does not work and just delivers only HTTP 403&  5xx errors"
> Who made this observation? Where? I know only of my script, and I never found anything indicating an error, except that the status is not set. Burning for some hints!
Susanne and me tested in Berlin the Redmine API, but only GET requests 
worked. However, Rens mentioned that they have a working setup at 
drecomm and with his help it now works. So I think we can discuss in the 
next meeting, what we can do with the REST API (except setting the issue 
to "under review").

Kind regards

Steffen Gebert
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