[TYPO3-core] Discussion #27247 [BUGFIX] Bring back recStatInfoHooks hook in Page Tree

Georg Ringer mail at ringerge.org
Tue Jun 7 16:39:15 CEST 2011

Am 07.06.2011 16:23, schrieb Jigal van Hemert:
> Not specifically about this particular issue, but now we seem to have
> three locations for discussion. We used to have two (mantis before the
> RFC, core list when the RFC was made)...

I don't know if there is one final solution yet. if so, sorry to open 
thread here.

> The hook itself doesn't add anything to the page tree, but it's sole
> purpose is to add contents to the page tree items.


> A good argument for legalizing the sales of drugs/weapons: if you don't
> use them they are not harmful ;-)

... yeah why not just remove all hooks, xclasses and remove the backend 
login too because people could to bad things which could look ugly.

> To make the picture clear:
> 1. person one pushes a change
> 2. person two adjusts the commit message and pushes change set 2
> 3. person one votes +2/+2
> To me this is voting for your own patch.

sorry I just wanted to state that it is a nobrainer for me.

> Hooks are not no-brainers. Each hook needs to be executed and thus
> requires processing power. This hook is processed for each element in
> the page tree, so it'll take quite some processing when building the tree.

everything true if it is about a new hook but it is not. see below.

> Maybe it was removed for a reason? Code which has been removed cannot be
> re-introduced as a no-brainer just because it was there in a previous
> version.

haven't seen a ticket for that and if this hook should have been 
removed, it should also be removed from:

> I can't see functionality which has been forgotten to implement as a
> no-brainer.

E.g. http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=16589 as a FYI24

> I have followed this discussion. The screenshot you produced there
> explains the reason why you want to have this hook. Even you must admit
> that the reason for wanting this hook is to be able to add extra
> information to the page tree. This invalidates your argument at ad1.

I just said that the change doesn't change any output from the core.

> Frankly, the screenshot you provided [1] worries me a lot. During the
> development of 4.5 there has been a lot of discussion about what should
> be present in the pagetree and what not.

you know the difference between the core and extensions? I am just 
developing an extension which enables btw a feature which is really 
missing in TYPO3: showing localization editors where a change happend in 
the default language.

> The current situation shows already too much for most editors to work
> with it comfortably. All the overlay icons are confusing and only show
> part of the settings.

The issue I brought up is about something totally different. a bit OT here.

> There is a thread [2] discussing the page tree designs, but this died
> somehow. I also provided some ideas there [3] to make it less cluttered.

OT. This doesn't mean that I am not interested in that discussion, it 
just doesn't belong here, sorry.


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