[TYPO3-core] How to set up Git GUI client with SSH-RSA key on Windows

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Mon Jun 6 17:39:16 CEST 2011


Am 06.06.2011 16:54, schrieb Steffen Gebert:
>> As you can see, there's a place for the "HEADS:refs/for/master" part
>> in the "remote" block.
>> If you have set up your git config this way, you can only use "git push".
> Yes, but as it's defined for the whole remote, it only works in idyllic
> world scenarios like FLOW3 (read: when you only work on the master branch).
> In this video
> http://alblue.bandlem.com/2011/05/git-gerrit-and-jenkins-for-ios.html,
> the guy configures his git to push refs/heads/* to refs/for/*
> automatically (so it's enough to type `git push` for him).
> However, this didn't work out for me (IIRC pushed *all* commits of the
> repository and Gerrit rejected them *uff*).

Well, do you remember what you tried?

You can have multiple push lines in config, so I would assume it is 
probably working when you add one line per branch and stick with the 
rule to always use the corresponding local branch. Using HEAD in push 
config line IMO is likely to cause trouble as HEAD *might* relate to any 

[remote "origin"]
   push = refs/heads/master:refs/for/master
   push = refs/heads/xyz:refs/for/xyz
# ...
# continue for any local branch that you might want to push

   # push current to corresponding upstream branch
   default = upstream
   # default = nothing

# untested
but AFAIK remote.<branch>.push doesn't support any pattern matching so 
you will need one line per branch.

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Peter Niederlag
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