[TYPO3-core] Developing features and git/gerrit

Peter Niederlag typo3-list at niekom.de
Wed Jun 1 14:02:11 CEST 2011


Am 01.06.2011 13:21, schrieb Thorsten Kahler:
> Hi Peter,
> which part is not required? I assume rebasing? Or the whole process? I
> think rebasing before pushing results in smaller changes sets and so
> makes it easier for others to test.

yes, only refering to rebasing. As I pointed out a couple of times 
personally I prefer to keep the history as linear as possible/useful and 
therfor rebasing IMO makes sense. From technical part without rebasing 
you'd probably end up in pushing a bunch of additional merges, while 
keeping the history of the patches in the order they were created. On 
the other hand rebasing a large number of patches, which were created 
over a rather lengthy history, might create some additional work.

But this is still without any practical experience and your milage might 
vary depending on the way the forked branch handles streamlining with 
upstream, which would be a merge(and not a fast forward) as soon as the 
forked branch has a single additonal commit/patch and tries to catch up 
with the meanwhile further ongoing history of upstream.

As experience with git is fastly growing I am 100% confident that this 
works out just nicely! Don't worry to much about it yet. There are 
numerous helping hands around as soon as we have the first use case to 
test such a workflow.

I really invite and support anyone to start forking on github.com and 
come back with useful patch series. :->


Peter Niederlag
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