[TYPO3-core] Developing features and git/gerrit

Thorsten Kahler thorsten.kahler at dkd.de
Wed Jun 1 11:03:29 CEST 2011

Hi Steffen,

Steffen Kamper schrieb am 01.06.11 10:18:
> Am 01.06.2011 10:03, schrieb Thorsten Kahler:
>> +1 for Github
> but this means to push complete typo3 to GitHub. I mean, if the feature 
> is complete, it should be converted to a real patch for review, so it 
> fits to gerrit completely (maybe only 15 files of core are changed), 
> don't you think so?

there's already a mirror of our repository on Github [1] and some forks
as well. So AFAIK it should be possible to

* fork from there
* add a project/feature branch to your fork
* work on that branch together with other devs
* add git.typo3.org as remote to your local clone
* rebase all changes of that branch to git.typo3.org/master
* push your project/feature branch to git.typo3.org

I think there's some overhead, because the owner of the fork has to
handle pull requests on that fork.

Maybe the "Git gurus" around have something useful to add ;-)


[1] <https://github.com/typo3/TYPO3v4-Core>


Thorsten Kahler
thorsten.kahler at dkd.de

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