[TYPO3-core] RecordList-Modul - Normal-View vs. Translation View.

Stefan Geith typo3dev2010.nospam1 at geithware.de
Tue Jul 19 11:07:41 CEST 2011


in my installations, I always hide translations of records from the 
normal list-view in the recordlist.
If my users want to work with (and see) translations of records, then 
they check the chheckbox 'Translation View'.

I think, this help much in reducing confusion for some end-users.

I have added a small patch at gerrit:

So please, if anyone is interested in this patch:
Please test it.


[FEATURE] Hide translated records from (normal) listview

Included Patch adds a new PageTS option
    mod.web_list.hideTranslations = *
    mod.web_list.hideTranslations = list,of,tables

For these (or all) Tables, only the base-Language appears in listView 
(Web/List), Translations are hidden.
If you switch to 'Localization view', all records - including translated 
records - are shown as usual.


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