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Wed Apr 6 09:58:32 CEST 2011


Am 06.04.2011 08:31, schrieb Ernesto Baschny [cron IT]:
> Well, the message already tells you what to do (many git messages
> contain hints on how to solve the issues):
> Do a "git pull" so that upstream objects are fetched and are merged in
> your tree, and then do the "push" again. Nothing changed in your branch,
> of course, but git probably doesn't know it until he "pulls" the latest
> changes.

While "git pull" probably does the trick it seems important to 
understand what is going on behind the scene. As it is Xaviers personal 
only branch/sandbox noone else has committed there in between. So no new 
objects on remote. Git already knows everything, that's (by 99,99% 
chance) not the reason for push failing here.

I fear most likely you have changed something in your local branch 
meanwhile. Maybe you have rebased it?

The message just tells you that the history that you try to push and the 
history that you try to push into (remote) have "diverged". That means 
your local branch is not just simply a couple of commits ahead. Somehow 
the remote and your local branch have diverged, which can have different 

One reason would be someone else has pushed to the remote meanwhile, 
which is unlikely here.

The other reason is that your local branch has a different history (most 
likely because of a rebase) now, which is not just ahead of the remote.

My suggested fix is:

# checkout local branch
git checkout RFC_25403

# put all commits into the front, that are not yet known upstream
git rebase origin/sandbox/xperseguers/RFC_25403

# git push


Greets and hth,
Peter Niederlag
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