[TYPO3-core] Additional branches on Git

Peter Niederlag typo3-list at niekom.de
Wed Apr 6 09:42:31 CEST 2011


Am 05.04.2011 18:52, schrieb Markus Klein:
> Sorry, but I can share Steffen's concerns here. You may have a simple
> clone on your machine and it sounds quite useless to me, that all
> sandboxes are retrieved once you say git pull. If one's really
> interested into the sandbox-branches of other devs, he can pull them
> from somewhere else.

We are talking abot xy KBytes. If you want to ignore them in your local 
clone, change your .git/config "fetch" section. If you want to put them 
somewhere else, u have the choice to do so.

IMO this is one of the rather unimportant issues as it doesn't have any 
pratcical impact yet.

To not spoil the branches namespace it could be a consideration to move 
those sandboxes somewhere else, if that is technically possible.

Peter Niederlag
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