[TYPO3-core] RFC #5046, #6506: Autocomplete OFF for BE-Login form

Steffen Müller typo3 at t3node.com
Wed Dec 30 10:25:16 CET 2009


On 29.12.2009 13:19 Bernhard Kraft wrote:
> Problem:
> When logging in, into the T3 Backend using the normal login-form. The
> "autocomplete" feature of most browsers is active for the "Username" field.
> If you log into a T3 account from a shared computer (like in i-net cafe's
> or similar) the username will get stored in the browsers cache.
> The previous patches added an attribute "autocomplete=off" to the <input>
> tag which renders the complete page invalid XHTML

What about users who like to use the autocomplete feature?


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