[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bugfix/Feature #5779 (original posted on 2007-09-26!)

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Sat Dec 26 12:56:18 CET 2009

Hello !

This is an SVN patch request.
Branch: trunk

Bug #5779:

When you administer your fileadmin (the templates and/or pictures there)
with SVN, CVS or similar revision tools - you will soon see requirement to
hide the files/directories created by those tools to the "normal" editor.

A similar patch has already been applied to the Extension Manager -
nowadays .svn directories do not get listed any more when choosing "Edit
files" in the EM.

Add a check to the classes (in /typo3/ directory) responsible for rendering
the file-listing and the file-browse-tree.
Add a method "t3lib_div::ignoreFile($file)" in t3lib_div which is a commmon
entry point for letting those files get checked.

When this patch was originally posted to the core list (2007-09-26), some
objections were made of which all are taken into account now. Except one
request from Dmitry: He asked if ".htaccess" files will still be visible.
At first I wanted to solve this with two patterns: One for "allow" and one
for "deny" which got objected by Oliver because of the two preg_match
statemens (in which I do not see any problem).

This could get worked around by setting the install tool variable
"ignore_file_pattern" only to "/^(\.svn|CVS)$/" instead of hiding all
dot-files. Currently it is set to hide all .dot files.

So if Dmitry objects this, I would have to either go back to having an
allow + deny pattern, or simply only denying .svn and CVS directory (also
it would be a good idea to probably hide directories like "__MACOS" or
".Thumbs"). Having a negative look ahead like Oliver proposed is not a good
idea, as it probably is slower than having two preg_match calls.

Patch attached: 5779_file_ignore_rev6698.diff
And can be found on the bugtracker.

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