[TYPO3-core] RFC #13092: Massuploader: Button is too small

Steffen Gebert steffen at steffen-gebert.de
Fri Dec 25 18:34:21 CET 2009

Hey all,

This is a christmas SVN patch request.

Type: Bugfix

Branches: 4.3, trunk

BT ref: http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=13092

With translated BE, the "Select Files" button is too small and only the  
left 80px of the button (127px in total) really act as a button. The right  
47px just do nothing, but are clickable.

Set the width of the swfupload-Button (which is the one that has to be  
clicked) according to the width of the button visible to the user.

Already tested with Opera, FF, Safari (Mac), IE6+7 (Win)

Merry christmas to all of you!

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