[TYPO3-core] RFC: #12652: Value Preview of empty timestamp shows "01-01-70 (-40 yrs) "

David Bruchmann typo3-team-core at bruchmann-web.de
Mon Dec 7 12:39:32 CET 2009

Hi Dmitry,

>> Sorry for one silly, clearing question: is it possible to assign
>> negative values in date/timefields (date/time before 1970) ?
> Usually the field defined as int, not as unsigned. Thus you can put 
> negative values there. PHP's date() will accept negative values

Ok, that's fine (There are some limits I think to remember, but much 
more in the past).

> There 
> will be a problem begins if you pass this value to JavaScript's Date 
> class. It does not accept negative time stamps. But this is a rare case.

I don't know much of the JS inside TYPO3, here Steffen perhaps is the 
professional to consult.

> Still I think that using proper data types in the database is very 
> important. 

Yes, until now there are some faults in TYPO3.

> It is like using proper tool for the job and it is gives a 
> good professional impression about the product.

In general yes, but most important the results have to be correct and 
the restrictions have to be as low as possible. When the results can be 
produced with the corresponding tools than it's perfect.

Best Regards

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