[TYPO3-core] RFC: #12652: Value Preview of empty timestamp shows "01-01-70 (-40 yrs) "

David Bruchmann typo3-team-core at bruchmann-web.de
Mon Dec 7 11:21:32 CET 2009

Von:        Steffen Kamper <info at sk-typo3.de>
Gesendet:   Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009 16:45:31
An:         typo3-team-core at lists.typo3.org
Betreff:    Re: [TYPO3-core] RFC: #12652: Value Preview of empty 
timestamp shows "01-01-70 (-40 yrs) "
> Hi,
> as it didn't made it in 4.3 we can now change DB for 4.4 and look if it 
> works. If anyone want to give it a try, do it, or i come back later to 
> this issue.
> vg Steffen

Hi Steffen,

I didn't try your version but I tried it in 4.2.10 with an own extension:

- for normal timestamps it doesn't seem to make any problems
- for starttime and endtime (here the old date "0" will very seldemly 
used) it doesn't work because  "NULL" isn't handled correctly by TYPO3 - 
it's just not integrated to accept the value "NULL". Problem: Fetching 
data from DB makes only a mathematical query (x<TIMESTAMP) but perhaps 
has to be changed to  (x<TIMESTAMP) OR x=NULL. So most data from DB 
aren't returned when starttime- and endtime-fields are changed.

The word "Test" is a bit to much, I only changed the fields and remarked 
the faults but didn't verify all functions and queries that use the fields.
So I changed tstamp and crdate but the other fields I kept like default.

Best Regards

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