[TYPO3-core] FYI: Added feature #12930: htmlArea: Resizable RTE area

Stanislas Rolland typo3 at sjbr.ca
Sat Dec 5 16:14:31 CET 2009

Hi Steffen,
>> In wysiwyg mode, resizing the RTE will resize the underlying textarea 
>> to the new size of the RTE editing area.
>> In text mode, resizing the underlying textarea will resize the RTE 
>> editing area to the new size of the textarea.
> Nice feature. Thanks.
> RTE now automatically resizes to window size when in BE full screen mode 
> (having only RTE in the iframe).
> But resizing does not apply when in normal mode (BE with tabs and all 
> other fields)
The feature is about resizing with mouse. If you want to automatically 
resize on initial load you may need to use something like 
RTE.default.RTEWidthOverride = 100%
RTE.default.RTEHeightOverride = 500px

> Also I cannot resize it by myself with the mouse. I see no resize mouse 
> cursor.
1. After updating your installation, you need to clear the RTE cache and 
the browser cache.
2. If you check "Make Textareas resizable" in User settings, you should 
see a little handle at the south-east corner of the RTE, below the 
status bar, as well as at the south-east corner of the textarea when in 
text mode.


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