[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug 5094: Record alt_label doesn't get processed

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Fri Jul 6 20:28:50 CEST 2007

I tested this as well and can confirm Ernestos investigations. +1 from me as
well, and committed it right away (Trunk and TYPO3_4-1).

- michael

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] wrote:

> Thomas Hempel wrote: on 07.05.2007 16:53:
>> Example:
>> If you set a label_alt in the TCA *and* label_alt_force the alternative
>> label is only rendered if you also enter something for the "normal"
>> label field.
>>     'label_alt' => 'subtitle',
>>     'label_alt_force' => 1,
>>     'label' => 'title',
>> If you create a new page and fill in an value for "subtitle" but not for
>> "title" you won't see the correct label. Without the patch "[no title]"
>> will be printed out instead of the value of "subtitle".
>> I hope the problem is clearer now!?
> Not really, because I could not reproduce that. The problem I have,
> which is solved by this patch is the case when you have label_alt_force
> set to FALSE (0) and not to TRUE (1).
> What this patch fixes are three issues:
> "label_alt" was not being used if field "label" has empty value
> (label_alt_force = 0)
> * when using label_alt + label_alt_force and we have an field "label"
> with empty value, we get an extra "," at the beginning of the string:
> fixed
> * process label information with t3lib_BEfunc::getProcessedValue, which
> will return a "time" or the value of a select-field instead of a
> unixtime or an integer.
> I just tested it, and this is a +1 from me. Make sure you find and close
> the appropriate bug reports on that matter, I am sure there are several.
> Cheers,
> Ernesto

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