[TYPO3-core] RFC #6957: Remove bottom button panel in alt_doc.php

Ingmar Schlecht ingmar at typo3.org
Sat Dec 15 18:02:29 CET 2007

Hi Benni,

Benjamin Mack wrote:
> Hey Tapio,
> Tapio Markula wrote:
>> -2. It is not a good habit to use large functions.
> 1) No -2, only -1 is possible.
> 2) is your comment on the patch or Ingmars comment.

By the looks of it, Tapio's comment was towards my comment to remove the
function makeButtonPanel(), which again probably lead him to the wrong
assumption that the function was actually in use and I was proposing to
not have a separate function for it but rather have one large function.

So this was a misunderstanding and the only votes we have so far are
Dmitry's and my +1s.


Ingmar Schlecht
TYPO3 Association Active Member

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