[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug #6924: t3lib_div::readLLXMLfile does not use localized content anymore

Oliver Hader oh at inpublica.de
Thu Dec 13 15:18:21 CET 2007

Hi everyone,

Oliver Hader schrieb:
> This is a SVN patch request.
> Problem:
> In bug 0006903 the localization of other languages (besides the
> 'default' language) should be move to an external file to prevent
> loading unused string data.
> If this file generated by t3lib_div::llXmlAutoFileName doesn't exist,
> the localized part is set to an empty array at the end of
> t3lib_div::readLLXMLfile.
> Solution:
> The solution is to check whether this external file exists.
> Comments:
> This affects also the recent release of TYPO3 4.1.4. If extension
> developers are going to update there locallang.xml files, the cached
> file will be rewritten and then this bug occurs. If nobody changes his
> locallang files, the cached data will be used.
> I suggest to release TYPO3 4.1.5 very soon before this issue breaks many
> (non-english) sites.
> Bugtracker references:
> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=6924
> Branch: TYPO3_4-1 & Trunk

This RFC gets chaotic. We have now too many patches which go too far for
a "hotfix". The easiest bugfix is attached and provides the following:
* check if external file is available in typo3conf/l10n/ and if not use
localized part of locallang.xml file
* creates new hash files, to prevent cleaning the typo3temp/llxml
directory for those struggling with this problem on TYPO3 4.1.4

The alternative way would be to revert RFC #6903 and tell people to
clean their typo3temp/llxml file.

Please give your final votes!

Oliver Hader
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