[TYPO3-core] question re indexed_search

Vahan Amirbekyan vahan at ectostar.com
Sat Dec 1 04:29:08 CET 2007

after setting up the indexed search and massaging it for some time I see the
- the cron does not run longer than 5 mins though php.ini max script time is
set to 10 mins.
- if the cron does not end before the max time ends the lock remains until I
manually disable and then enable the crowler. Why the cron does complain re
the lock? and how to make sure this never happens?
- also, both table and file indexing configurations do  not take into
account status ( hidden, deleted) of records. The crowler crowls everything
if finds on its way and does not respect values of deleted and hidden

pls share if any ideas

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