[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug #6152: rtehtmlarea, offered AllowClipboard helper doesn't work with 2.0.0.x Firefox

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Fri Aug 31 11:42:45 CEST 2007

Hi Ernesto,

>> Suggestion:
>> - change the default value in ext_conf_template.txt from <URL> to ""
>> - rename the setting name so it also affects installations that have
>> already
>>   stored the old value (e.g. mozAllowClipboardUrl =>
>>   mozAllowClipboardURL)
> Why do we need to change the default value then, if we rename the
> setting? If we mean to "clean up" all old installations with the new URL 
> (I doubt that someone has changed it) we can just rename it so the new
> one will be in effect as soon as the user upgrades. Or how would you
> handle the upgrade? We would need to see if the old value is the "old
> default" or if it is some "customized old". Should we handle this?

The main problem is that the value is not only saved if someone changes it.
It's stored as soon as someone presses "update" in the EM, so the value in
ext_conf_template.txt actually has no effect except during the first

The idea of using "" as the default is that we can just forget about all old
values and simply overlay this by the value in ext_conf_template.txt (which
is always the most recent value).

>> Problem 2:
>> The German translation of this label seems to be Latin1 while it should
>> be UTF8-encoded (I assume that's not a special behaviour of my local
>> installation but rather affects all Firefoxes).
> It does affect all installations I have seen, yes.
>> Solution is to replace the XPI URL with my attached version of this file.
>> The only difference is that I've changed the label inside the jar-File.
>> You can either send the fixed XPI to the Mozilla Folks or upload it
>> somewhere on TYPO3.org (which seems easier to me).
> Have you placed it there somewhere? I have no access.

I have uploaded it here:

- michael
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