[TYPO3-core] Moving in workspaces

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Fri Aug 31 10:43:05 CEST 2007

Hi Kasper,

that's great news, and it's indeed a key feature for TYPO3 4.2. I will
update NEWS.txt accordingly.

> I have two videos (same, but different sizes/quality) showing it:
> http://castor.t3o.punkt.de/files/moving_in_workspaces2.mp4    (5MB)
> http://castor.t3o.punkt.de/files/moving_in_workspaces2.mov    (25MB)

Thanks. Please don't delete them, since I will add a link to NEWS.txt.

The change is pretty large and difficult to review. I did my best to look
over the changes, but it's important that we have people who test this very

@Ingo: This should be announced with every pre-release of TYPO3 4.2!

What I noticed is that you have added a new configuration
option "TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['elementVersioningOnly']" which is disabled
(false) by default, but on the same line you state that page and branch
versioning are deprecated for TYPO3 4.2+. I have some questions about that:

- What happens if someone used branch versioning in the past? Does he have a
  chance to clean up his site and migrate to pure element versioning?
- Why is the property disabled by default? Does it make sense at all to
  provide other options? Again, a migration tool might solve this problem.

> It should be possible to back-port this to 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 using the
> attached patch. With the patch (applied to 4.1.2) there were some
> problems with tcemain.php: Apply all you can, then copy the 3
> moveRecord* functions from TRUNK to 4.1.2 (substituting only the
> moveRecord()) - and ignore the changes to versionizeRecord() record.

Don't even think about it please! This is too experimental that it will ever
qualify for addition to a bugfix release. And since 4.2alpha1 is soon to be
released, people who want this feature can easily test it.

> This is all alpha code - there is certainly some more things to
> implement, mainly on the preview front; Making sure that the backend
> and frontend previews the moved elements correctly to simulate the
> final published stage. But I await your feedback for that - and hope
> Dmitry can also help out with fixing these things. However it is VERY
> IMPORTANT that you let me look at any "bugfixes" before committed (if
> necessary to get in touch with me, communicate via direct email, not
> the core list).

Of course!

Finally, I would like to quote your comment from the ChangeLog here for
those who missed it:

| this feature! 

Regards, michael
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