[TYPO3-core] Moving in workspaces

Kasper Skårhøj kasper2007 at typo3.com
Wed Aug 29 18:37:53 CEST 2007

Hi Guys,

FInally moving of element versions in workspaces is supported and  
committed to trunk.

I have two videos (same, but different sizes/quality) showing it:

http://castor.t3o.punkt.de/files/moving_in_workspaces2.mp4	(5MB)
http://castor.t3o.punkt.de/files/moving_in_workspaces2.mov	(25MB)

What I do in the video is showing an empty draft workspace, then how  
I can move a page around, then how the frontend previews this move of  
the page by showing it in the right place in the menu. Then I show  
how for the normal column based page module you can move records up/ 
down and how the frontend display will show it. Also I demonstrate  
how the swap-feature even works with it.

It should be possible to back-port this to 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 using the  
attached patch. With the patch (applied to 4.1.2) there were some  
problems with tcemain.php: Apply all you can, then copy the 3  
moveRecord* functions from TRUNK to 4.1.2 (substituting only the  
moveRecord()) - and ignore the changes to versionizeRecord() record.

The .rej file will tell you what didn't succeed well.

Currently moving works only if you configure [ctrl["versioningWS"] to  
"2" and instead of just TRUE. In addition you must add a field called  
"t3ver_move_id" to the database. This is all documented in "TYPO3  
Core API" and "Inside TYPO3" which has updated sections on moving (in  
the SVN CoreDocs module that is). Currently "pages" and "tt_content"  
is updated to "version 2" and supports moving (other tables could be  
allowed too...)

This is all alpha code - there is certainly some more things to  
implement, mainly on the preview front; Making sure that the backend  
and frontend previews the moved elements correctly to simulate the  
final published stage. But I await your feedback for that - and hope  
Dmitry can also help out with fixing these things. However it is VERY  
IMPORTANT that you let me look at any "bugfixes" before committed (if  
necessary to get in touch with me, communicate via direct email, not  
the core list).

- kasper

NOTICE: NEW EMAIL for 2007: kasper2007 at typo3.com

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