[TYPO3-core] RFC: Various admin panel improvements

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Sat Aug 11 15:45:57 CEST 2007

I have noticed some issues which were introduced by this change:

- The alignment for ->extGetItem() in all cases needs to be left, so the
  parameter which I added in yesterdays commit was not neccessary. Now the
  alignment is hardcoded, and the parameter has been removed again.

- I noticed that my validator complains about missing "summary" attributes
  for some tables of the admin panel. I have added them now with empty

- Removed superfluous table around the config checkboxes of the tsdebug

- Removed superfluous "title" attributes for some images in

I have committed the changes right now, see attached diff for details.

- michael

Michael Stucki wrote:

> This patch contains various improvements to the admin panel:
> - Lots of alignment definitions. This was the main reason why I once
> started
>   writing this patch. If you have something like
>     html, body { text-align: center; }
>   in your CSS file, then the admin panel is totally screwed up. Hardcoding
>   the alignments using style attributes fixes the problem.
>   => Screenshot before: adminpanel_v1.png
>   => Screenshot after: adminpanel_v2.png
> - Changed all font-tags (deprecated) into valid markup. However, I'm not
> sure
>   which is the correct pendant for <font size="1">. For now I'me
>   using "font-width:0.6em" but I'm open for feedback on that...
> - Add a clear.gif spacer to make the "details" column wider if the text is
>   longer than 30 characters. Useful if this column appears to be too
>   narrow because the text is wrapped instead that the field width would be
>   enlarged. (I tried to change this more elegant using the CSS-width
>   defintion, but failed. Using clear.gif seems acceptable to me for now,
>   but it should probably be improved later...)
>   => Screenshot before: adminpanel_narrow.png
>   => Screenshot after: adminpanel_wider.png
> - New highlight feature: You can define a time limit for operations which
> are
>   measured by $TT. Whenever this limit is exceeded, the corresponding row
>   will be highlighted in the admin panel. (Currently the limit needs to be
>   hardcoded in class.t3lib_timetrack.php, but for now this seems ok to
>   me.) => Screenshot: adminpanel_v3.png
> - Code cleanup and consolidation
> - When displaying the generated content, some links (website links
> containing
>   the whole adminpanel GET parameters) are becoming very (very!) large.
>   This results in a window more than 5 pages wide, which you need to
>   scroll if you want to see all content. I didn't find this very usable,
>   therefore all words/links longer than 100 chars are now splitted after
>   every 100 characters.
>   => Screenshot before: adminpanel_scroll.png
>   => Screenshot after: adminpanel_noscroll.png
> Branches: Trunk only
> - michael

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