[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug 5266 RTEhtmlarea is not loading in new Firefox

Patrick Broens patrick at patrickbroens.nl
Sun Apr 1 11:14:23 CEST 2007

Oliver Hader wrote:
> Hi,
> there should be a separate announcement for the RTEhtmlarea bugfix on
> www.typo3.org (and/or news.typo3.org) describing which RTEhtmlarea
> version is compatible for which TYPO3 version.
> Some of the new issues at the bugtracker show that this is mixed very
> often, e.g. TYPO3 4.1 with RTEhtmlarea 1.4.4 from TER. We know that this
> does not work, but our users don't. Thus, we have to inform them.
> What do you think?
Separate announcement is good. Besides that it is wise to use the 
dependencies in ext_emconf.php right. Right now the dependency for 1.4.4 
states 'depends on typo3 4.0-0.0.0'. When uploading a new version to the 
TER, also mention the version in the upload comment. This upload comment 
is visible in the TER, so people know for which TYPO3 this version of 
rtehtmlarea is. This was also done with the recent security fix versions.

> olly
> Michael Stucki schrieb:
>> Great work! Thanks a lot to everybody who helped fixing this so quickly.
>> - michael
>> Oliver Hader wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> Patrick Broens wrote:
>>>> Problem:
>>>> Since the new version of Firefox RTEhtmlarea stops loading.
>>>> Solution:
>>>> RTEhtmlarea was checking if MacOS Wamcom version 1.3 was the user agent
>>>> with a indexOf("1.3"). The revision number of Firefox also has 1.3 in
>>>> it, because of revision number This is now checked if version
>>>> number has not indexOf(".1.3").
>>> Here we go: There were three new releases published to TER:
>>> * 1.1.6 (replacing 1.1.5) for the TYPO3 3.7 branch
>>> * 1.2.2 (replacing 1.2.1) for the TYPO3 3.8 branch
>>> * 1.4.4 (replacing 1.4.3) for the TYPO3 4.0 branch
>>>   (including the features by Stanislav that are not in Core)
>>> Today or tomorrow there will be prerelease of 4.0.6 and 4.1.1.
>>> The versions of RTEhtmlarea which are part of the Core as system
>>> extensions were not uploaded to TER - these are:
>>> * 1.3.9 (replacing 1.3.8) only in TYPO3 4.0.6! Not in TER!
>>> * 1.5.2 (replacing 1.5.1) only in TYPO3 4.1.1! Not in TER!
>>> This bug is fixed now! Thanks to everybody helping to fix this quickly!

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