[TYPO3-core] RFC: css_styled_content & localization

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Mon Jul 31 10:46:00 CEST 2006

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Ingmar Schlecht wrote:

> The problem with this is that an extra query needs to be executed for
> each content element on a page. If you've got lots of content elements
> on a page, I guess that'd make page rendering quite a bit slower.

I do not see why an extra query should be necessary ... before it was:

- -	dataWrap = <a id="c{field:uid}"></a> |

So the field "uid" of the local "->data" array will get inserted in this place.

In the other case:

+	dataWrap = <a id="c{field:_LOCALIZED_UID // field:uid}"></a> |

simply the field "_LOCALIZED_UID" is inserted IF AVAILABLE ... which is the case whenever
a localized content element get's renderd ... else the "uid" field is accessed ...

but you should remember that

stdWrap.field = whatever

isn't doing an database access but just using the fields available in the cObj's ->data array.

But I guess you know that very well and did just not look right ;)

I vote +1 for the patch

... i tested it without and the links get generated properly with #c123
set to the uid of the translated element .... but the translated element itself has the anchor #c321
built with the uid of the translation-original.

The patch fixes this properly (I wonder this bug even exist - shouldn't all fields of a translation
record "overlay" the original record fields - wouldn't it have been better when all fields get overwritten
and the "original" uid would have get saved in a key "_LOCALIZE_ORIG" or such ?

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