[TYPO3-core] CoreDocs update

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at accio.lv
Thu Jul 27 12:39:43 CEST 2006


Michael Stucki wrote:
> Well, you would have write access to the whole repository now...
> But while working with Kasper on these documents, we realized that it is 
> pretty hard to use a versioning system for binary documents like these.

Not sure about sxw but odt documents have versioning support built in. 
And you can see differencies between various versions and even against 
another file. I found this feature very useful :) Should we migrate 
documents to odt format at some point? This way we could easily compare 
how, for example, TSRef changed between different typo3 versions (odt 
versioning is explicit: you must tell OO that you want a new version).

> See above. You can BUT. It is just hard to merge changes if two people work on 
> the document at the same time. That's totally different than working with 
> plain text files.
> We could define a workflow for this (e.g. use some locking mechanism in SVN), 
> I suggest we discuss that in Dietikon when Kasper (he's still the owner of 
> these documents) is also there.

SVN locking:

It is even possible to mark file as "need lock", svn will check it out 
read-only. Locking will make it readable for the user.

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