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Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Thu Jul 27 12:16:23 CEST 2006

Hi Ernesto,

> As this is also published in typo3.org I would say that should be
> sufficient. Some questions still:
> Do we need to have those files on SF "Files" section? Isn't it enough at
> one "central" place (typo3.org)?

Yes because there is no possibility (yet) to provide the PDF versions.
Also there is no possibility to provide the Diffs. Btw. did you look at them 
yet? Is it useful? If not, that would be even easier of course...

> The indexed_search documentation, it should also be listed either in
> "Extension Manuals" or maybe in the "Core Documentation" section at
> typo3.org. A future "css_styled_content" document, where would that be
> published?

It is already here: 

Correct, isn't it?

> And what is the workflow and "update cyclus" of those documents?
> Unfortunately I think there are still issues for 4.0.0 (e.g.
> captionSplit)? Is the SVN repository the only central place for doing
> that and can I do it directly?

Well, you would have write access to the whole repository now...
But while working with Kasper on these documents, we realized that it is 
pretty hard to use a versioning system for binary documents like these.

Therefore I would prefer if you send me your changes.

> Thanks also for the README in the repository, but I think some things
> are obsolete?

Only that part about the versions, yes. I have changed this now, please have a 

> > Whom should I send documentation changes/additions?
> > Please send them to Michael Stucki <michael at typo3.org>
> Can I change them by myself? (sxw + txt files)

See above. You can BUT. It is just hard to merge changes if two people work on 
the document at the same time. That's totally different than working with 
plain text files.

We could define a workflow for this (e.g. use some locking mechanism in SVN), 
I suggest we discuss that in Dietikon when Kasper (he's still the owner of 
these documents) is also there.

> > What are the manual-<date>.sxw files used for?
> There are no files with "<date>" left, I think they have been renamed to
> the more meaningful "<version>".

I did so yesterday.

Regards, michael
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