[TYPO3-core] SVN branches & stuff

Wolfgang Klinger wolfgang at stufenlos.net
Thu Jul 20 11:22:00 CEST 2006


 On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, Martin Kutschker wrote the following:
> Fine, but we need to deal with possible conflicts of alternative patches.


> Do you want an experimental branch for each branch (bug fixes for 4.0) or 
> only for new features (trunk).

 I think we need a common strategy where to develop, where to try out
 new things, where to fix bugs, what to merge
 between what branches. I haven't seen that yet(?)

 I see no sense in always committing _everything_ to trunk _and_ the
 4_0 branch.

 I spent some time researching on this topic.

 We should develop in trunk, at some point we say we want to release
 a new version, so we create a new branch 4_0_2, some of us work on that to
 "finish" it, while new stuff is still developed in trunk; if 4_0_2 is
 ready to be released we tag it, merge the changes from this branch with
 trunk (not continuously but only here!) and continue to work in trunk; 
 if we need to bugfix 4_0_2 we create a 4_0_2-bugfix branch and do the
 same as above.
 And not "one" experimental branch, but one for each feature, e.g. 
 "exp-workspaces" branch... btw. we need a naming convention too...

 branches/RB-TYPO3_4_0_2  ... Release Branch
 branches/BF-TYPO3_4_0_1  ... BugFix Branch
 branches/EXP-WORKSPACES ... Experimental Branch for "Workspaces"
 tags/REL-TYPO3_4_0_1 ... Release tag
 But the main problem I see currently is that none of the developers who
 create new "big" features (Kasper & Co.) use the repository while they
 are working (but only when they finish development).

 Any feedback and comments appreciated so we can define a strategy we can
 all agree on.


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