[TYPO3-core] RFC: Proposal for a "Supported Extensions Team"

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Wed Jul 12 22:44:59 CEST 2006

Hi Franz,

>>Starting with TYPO3 4.1 I would suggest is to change the wording slightly
>>but remarkable:
>>- "Enable unsupported extensions"
>>+ "Enable only supported extensions"
> why not start with 4.0.1 ?

We can change the default value quickly (though this still needs to be
decided first) but we cannot start a such a new project in 2 minutes.

Remember that we're fixing bugs with 4.0.1, we don't want to introduce new
features and/or possible problems...

>>Additionally, only one extension of a certain functionality should be
>>included (e.g. 1 news extension, 1 calendar extension, etc.). Providing a
>>list for direct access from withing the EM (including links to feature
>>list, manual, etc.) should make these extensions even more attractive and
>>also invite more users to contribute to them.
> I think more than 1 extension of a certain functionality should be
> included. Why not allow 4 calendars, 2 news and 3 image galleries?
> Every extension which gets at least 20% of the votes for a functionality
> shall be included. A monopoly would be contrary to make extensions better.

Having one shop extension doesn't mean that tt_products is not available for
download anymore. It is just (probably) not on the frontpage of the EM.

However, it really doesn't make sense to confuse users again with 5
extensions doing the same thing. Also we should not already think how every
of those 5000 extension can become a recommended one. In this case, we
would not solve the situation at all...

- michael
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