[TYPO3-core] RFC: Proposal for a "Supported Extensions Team" (was: Re: RFC: Change wording in EM: "unsupported extensions")

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Mon Jul 10 12:44:53 CEST 2006

Hi Karsten,

> Branches: HEAD, TYPO3_4-0
> As has been suggested this patch changes the "Enable unsupported
> extensions" into "List extensions without basic security check". To be
> consistent the internal variables affected are renamed, too.

I agree to change the wording although there might be a better wording (see

I also agree to those who already suggested to change the default value. It
is really not helpful if so many important extensions are missing.

Starting with TYPO3 4.1 I would suggest is to change the wording slightly
but remarkable:

- "Enable unsupported extensions"
+ "Enable only supported extensions"

Of course this requires a group of people who maintain these "supported"
extensions. For this we would have to form a group of people, consisting of
the extension authors of all these "supported" extensions, plus eventually
some volunteers who are willing to continue their reviews as they already
do it...

Turning an extension into a "supported" one should be based on some simple
voting process which would have to be defined first of course.
Additionally, only one extension of a certain functionality should be
included (e.g. 1 news extension, 1 calendar extension, etc.). Providing a
list for direct access from withing the EM (including links to feature
list, manual, etc.) should make these extensions even more attractive and
also invite more users to contribute to them.

Inside of the "supported extensions team" I suggest to require a 4-eye
review just as we already do it in here. A centralized source code
repository would help to keep track of changes.

I'm thinking if this is the right place to discuss this. For the moment I
would just like to brainstorm a little bit and see if you think this is a
good idea or not. Further discussions should be held by the security team
(who is currently responsible for these reviews) and the extension
coordination team (I think the name fits pretty well for this)...

- michael
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