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Kasper Skårhøj Kasper2006 at typo3.com
Mon Dec 4 21:47:32 CET 2006

OK, I will do better next time.

> I think we on the Core list would appreciate a courtesy post when  
> you add stuff. A plain copy of the the Changelog entries will be  
> enough and it will help to keep track of changes. I constantly read  
> the Core list but do not check the Changelog file. Thanx for caring.

I rarely check the core list but is more likely to browse the  
changelog. Different habits. But I will respect that if its the  
practice of the whole team of course.

> eg it might make someone wonder what's going on if he didn't read  
> that entry
>  * Changed pages_languages_overlay to NOT be hidden by default
> And for this one:
>  * Introduced REDIRECT: prefix to pagenot found handling (for  
> backwards compatibility since someone changed to read the file  
> instead of redirecting).
> There has been quite a traffic about reading the files and how this  
> is done. AFAIR there was a reason why a redirect is not good or not  
> good enough. The someone who has initiated is Dmitry. Ask him if  
> yoou want to more about the issue.

I understood why Dmitry changed it. I looked up his request. But my  
customer wants a redirect and that was the old and for a while  
accepted behaviour. I re-introduced that with a special keyword. I  
see no problem here.

> And now the one that interest me:
>   * Improved localization in tcemain

Right, this doesn't tell anything really, but you could check the  
revision diff and you will see; it has to do with the "localize"  
command which now also can take a "page" record and localize that  
into pages_language_overlay records.

Yes, no log messages in tcemain are localized. I never prioritized  
that, nobody requested it either.

- kasper

> What has been changed? I had a look at the code only last week and  
> didn't understand what the writelog() stuff is all about. All I  
> know is that only a few if any message is localized. And then there  
> is also the newlog() thingy. I have added the improvement of  
> localization to my personal list of hci enhancements for 4.1 and  
> would like to know what is still missing and how I can help.
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