[TYPO3-core] RFC: devLog in t3lib_db

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Fri Dec 1 15:46:43 CET 2006

Dmitry Dulepov wrote: on 01.12.2006 12:44:

> This is SVN patch request
> Branches: hope for both ;) (4_0 after 4.0.3!)

Same as Stucki, I would stick to trunk-only here. You could patch your
own sites with 4.0.x with this, if you like (something like the debian

Maybe we could have some place where we put patches that are of minor
impact but didn't enter 4.0.x because it is a new feature, so that a
"power-admin" could patch his 4.0.x with those small additions that he
might find useful, but the "regular" 4.0.x user will have less bugs the
larger the "x" is.

> Solution: add a simple check for recordset validity and report stack
> trace to devLog if recordset is not valid. This allows to quickly
> discover database problems (crashed tables, non-updated tables, etc)
> even on a live site without visitors noticing anything.

I must confess I never used devLog or syslog before, so I cannot vote on
which one is better. I usually debug with pure "echo" statements. :)

For the patch, +1 (trunk).


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